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Page Updated: November 29, 2005

CAREER EDUCATION - Technology courses
Distance Learn Industrial Computers:
If you are looking to secure a career in Industry, you need to know about Industrial Computers - widely known as PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers). These devices are now an integral part of today's worldwide complex manufacturing processes and knowledge in this area is also now a prerequisite in gaining an HNC Certificate in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. If you are intending to further your career in Industry, you can increase your chances in securing such a position by Distance Learning PLC Programming.

These courses are ideal for those wishing to broaden their horizons or Students and Engineers wishing to further a more profitable career in Electrical and Electronic engineering by enhancing their skill level. No previous experience is required.

On these courses you will have your own personal tutor helping you with your course work and with any questions that may arise. Throughout the course there are several stages of assessment that you will complete and forward to your tutor for marking, a certificate is awarded to all those who complete the course.

Training is done at your own pace, there is no pressure to complete the coursework to suit others on the same course. You decide which days and at what times are best suited for you.



PLC Training - COURSES 2005

Learn to Program PLC's part1
Introduction to Hardware, Software & Fault Finding

Learn the Theory & Programming Techniques used in Industry


Certificate in PLC Programming Level 1


£50 UK pounds, approx $95 USD for overseas Check Exchange Rates

PLC Programming Software Syswin34 for CPM series.

This allows you to practice writing programs with or without a PLC. Syswin 34 programming software runs on (Win98, 2000, XP)
Course Certificate via post.

The course covers the programming fundementals as used for all types of PLC's at a professional level.
Omron, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Telemechanique etc

Ideal for anyone wishing to learn PLC Programming to enhance their skill level.

This is an Interactive course, with Online Tutor support from a professional PLC Programmer.

Some of the topics you will Learn:

How to create programs using the support tool
Configuring Hardware, IO Tables.
Safe Programming techniques.
How to Fault Find your programs
How to use the Programming Support Tool.
Start / Stop Latches,Handling Alarms.
Normally open or normally closed contacts
Creating programs in ladder logic
Instruction List programming.
The PLC Scan and its effects on IO.
Single scan signalling.
The use of MOV/INC/CMP/ etc.
Structuring of a PLC program
Adjusting Timers and Counters.
Working with Hex, Binary, BCD.
Symbols and rung descriptions.
Ladder exercises etc.

We also accept payment via cheque (UK Residents Only) or any WESTERN UNION office worldwide.


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