At SCANTIME we have engineers with over 35years experience in Industrial Process Control, using Programmable Logic Controllers
(PLCs), HMI and SCADA. We provide this experience to companies who work in the Off Shore Oil Industry, Automotive Production,
Food & Drink Processing, Battery and Electronic Manufacture, Pharmaceuticals, Airport Systems
and other key industries.

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The company originally started in 1987 working in Engineering and Training and has now trained thousands of engineers for many international companies in Electrical & Electronic Engineering & Computer/PLC Programming. The company founders own professional experience began in 1968/69, working as an Electronic Engineer working in Industrial Automation, maintaining and designing manufacturing systems. He began computer and microprocessor programming in 1973, and then with PLCs starting in1982. Scantime Engineering is not only a Training company, committed to Best Practice Programming to Reduce Downtime and Increase Company efficiency, but are also System Integrators. We design and develop PLC & SCADA automation control systems for Offshore Oil, Int' Airports, Automotive, Food & Drink, Chemical, Paper and other industries. Our experience and expertise in industrial program design ensures that everyone trained by Scantime are trained in the correct way to work with PLCs and SCADA in industrial manufacturing.

PLC Programming Engineers who are Committed to delivering - HIGH QUALITY Program Design for more Efficient, Reliable and Safe Industrial Process Control Systems worldwide. We are also passionate about transferring knowledge and to this end train EMPLOYED & UNEMPLOYED to install, program and maintain PLC & SCADA Process Control Systems.

We provide such training in a variety of ways; Practical Hand’s On courses either in our own purpose built classroom, on your site or by the latest technology, remote E-Learning systems and simulation techniques with the aid of ‘1 to 1’ tutor guidance. Scantime’s training methods are accredited and recognised in industry ensuring the investment in the training is not wasted- providing highly skilled engineers that are more proactive in preventative maintenance, improving process control efficiency and hence positively impacting the bottom line.

Our Online E-Learning PLC & SCADA Training are open to anyone worldwide who wish to improve and maintain their skill levels at a professional level. The E-Learning courses are are based upon actual shop floor engineering, tutor support is provided to everyone with all of our courses to ensure the trainee has a full understanding of PLC & SCADA programming by the end of the training. All of our Internet courses are industry approved and many internationally well known companies have engineers on these to maintain their skills through the year.


SCANTIME are a UK Engineering company specialising in Design & Development of Process Control Systems, for Oil/Gas, Automotive, Food & Water, International Airports, also Control Panel design & manufacture for industrial manufacturing processes using PLCs, HMI & SCADA.

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What is PLC Programming - Learning for a specific PLC make such as Siemens, Mitsubishi etc is NOT learning PLC Programming, all you are learning is how to use and work with the Hardware and PLC programming software tools, it takes on average 4 Days to learn each PLC make such as Siemens, Allen Bradley etc, but it takes much longer to learn how to write and modify PLC programs at an engineering level to ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of the manufacturing process is not compromised by poor programming skills.

Scantime PLC/SCADA courses Online and at our Training Centre are based upon real engineering and not just theoretical, we teach everyone how professional engineers work with PLCs in industry, for Fault Finding, Design and how to modify programs to engineering standards. All our online students receive Private Tuition and assistance from a Professional Engineer, this ensures that they fully understand what they are learning.

Our engineering background is over 30years in Industrial Control Technology, beginning in 1968 with designing and maintaining automated production lines in Electronic Manufacturing industry. Programming began in the early 1970's with micro-processors and then PLC's in 1982 with the Reliance PLC.

We have always been involved in both hardware and software, however we moved primarily to software development in the mid 90's, designing PLC, HMI and SCADA systems for the automotive industry and embedded microcontroller systems for other industries. The training of Electrical Engineers began back in 1998, and we now teach PLC programming for major clients, both in the UK and Abroad.


PLC/Scada software Development still remains a key component of our business, designing sofware control from inception to final product, undertaking quality software design for companies who work in Pharmaceutical - Chemical - Airports - Offshore Oil - Gas - Automotive - Marine industries. B
y combining our experience with modern day process technology allows us to pass on our experience to others, either by providing onsite PLC/Scada training to company engineers or at our Training Centre. In 2004 we we introduced internet based PLC courses for people who cannot afford the time to attend professional training centres. We all live in a global community, so we provide PLC training to people from all walks of life, not only those who are engineers but also people intending a career in Industrial Electrical Engineering.

By learning with us, you learn at an engineering level and not just academic, you also learn how to program and work with PLC's to industrial standards to ensure the safety integrity of the process you are responsible for is fully maintained.

Head Office:
Scantime Engineering Ltd
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Designing Process Control using:
Languages: Visual Basic, VB.Net, Forth, C, Assembler 6502 / 6801 / 8080 / 16C57 / 68HC11.

PLC: Omron CVM - C200H/HS/HG - C1000, CPM2, Mitsubishi Q02H, A3A, A2N, FxN series, Siemens S7-300 series, Allen Bradley, Telemechanique and Keyence. IEC61131 programming.

SCADA: Intellution, SiemensWinCC, InTouch, MX4 Scada.

HMI/MMI: Omron NT20/600/620, Mitsubishi MX4 HMI and E-Terminals E100, E910.

Motion Control: Omron MC402.

Network: Office LAN and Industrial Omron SysmacLink, Controller Link, Sinec L2 Profibus.

Office IT: Developing DataBase Projects and bespoke Computer applications

Internet IT: Website design with MS Frontpage, Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX.






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