Last Updated August 2021


At Scantime, Training and Automation continues to operate with the below measures in place.

We remain ready to adapt to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation.

Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our customers and staff. In light of this, we have introduced a work at home policy to allow business to operate under very strict hygiene and spread control measures.



If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you must begin your two week isolation immediately and not attend any Scantime training, if you are currently attending a training course with ourselves, please contact your P.O.C as this will allow us to re-schedule your training free of charge. Upon completion of your isolation, we request proof of a negative test before attending future training, if you are unable to provide this, we would require you to not attend any Scantime training for a further 4 weeks to ensure you have recovered fully from COVID-19. This is to ensure the safety of our trainers and other trainees on the course.



Training at Scantime has been changed to protect our Staff and Learners due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our staff have been trained in new procedures when delivering Training at our Centre and when delivering Training Onsite.


  • Face coverings are optional when walking around the training centre and cafe however in close spaces and classrooms, face coverings are still required
  • Training Rooms have been redesigned to space out all delegates to conform with current social distancing rules
  • Reduced numbers of learners to a maximum of 4 per room, this is to prevent over-crowding and to ensure distancing measures are maintained
  • Every learner station is equipped with their own equipment with no sharing
  • Entry and Exit of rooms are controlled to prevent people walking past each other in proximity
  • Hand sanitizers are fitted next to entrances and PPE is provided in training rooms
  • Training room door handles, and surfaces are cleaned several times a day during training
  • Each training station is cleaned at the end of every day: Desk surfaces, Chairs, Electronic equipment, and rooms locked to prevent unauthorised access
  • Temperature checks of all staff and delegates are checked daily before entering training areas
  • It is not unknown for learners to encounter Technical equipment or Programming problems; therefore, we have introduced new methods to tackle such instances:

o   Remote Access – our staff can access every station remotely and take control

o   Close Access – should Remote Access not rectify the issue; our staff have been trained on how to work at a learner’s station and prevent cross contamination


  • All Assessments and Learner Documentation is now Electronic to prevent cross contamination through the handling of paperwork
  • Any non-Electronic Course Material is also protected from cross contamination when produced and handled
  • Rooms are well ventilated during training days




Refurbishment and Design of systems continues as normal, although some staff will be working from home when designing replacement systems, virtual meetings can be held by Team Viewer or Skype.

For production line breakdown assistance, we have remote access in place for some client production lines and we can dial in remotely to locate faults when required.

We fully appreciate and understand how uncertain the current Coronavirus pandemic leaves us all in. These are uncharted waters for all of us, however Scantime are still here to assist our clients.