Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to practice with any PLC/SCADA programming software on the e-Learning PLC/SCADA Programming?

Yes, with each eLearning Courses, we supply you with access to a PLC or SCADA Programming Tool which allows you to run the software through your PC or Laptop. On selected courses such as our PLC Programming Series and our Allen Bradley Programming Series, tou will also be given access to a Live PLC where you will be able to design, download and test your programs in real-time, this is to give you the practical experience in working with PLCs.

Once I've enrolled on an e-Learning PLC/SCADA Programming Course, how do I access my course?

Upon completion of purchase, you will be able to login to your personalised MyScantime account via the Email and Password that you chose during the purchase of the  course(s). From your MyScantime account you will also be able to access your course(s) from your Course Library, you will also be able to contact your personal Course Tutor and stay up to date with the Scantime News Feed provided free of charge.

Are there any time limits on the e-Learning PLC/SCADA Programming Courses?

Currently, the PLC Programming Series and the Siemens Programming Series both have 365-day time limits due to the eLP2 (eLearning Platform 2) however, this can be extended year on year to ensure that your skills are fully maintained to help secure your career in engineering. The Allen Bradley Programming Series and the SCADA Programming Series currently have no time limits. Once enrolled you will be given access to your course 24/7 so that you can study and practice programming online or offline whenever you wish, at a time and place that's entirely flexible to suit you.

Do I receive a certificate upon completion of my e-Learning PLC/SCADA Programming Course(s)?

As with all of our Scantime eLearning Courses, upon completion of each Module, you will receive a certificate as proof of completion. Our certificates are recognised by major companies worldwide and in an increasingly competitive environment, this will assist in impressing your current/potential employers.

What do I need to enroll on an e-Learning PLC/SCADA Programming Course?

The materials needed to take part in a e-Learning PLC/SCADA Programming Course are shown below: 

  • A PC/Laptop (Microsoft, Apple, Linux), Tablet (iPad etc.) or Mobile Device (iPhone etc.) with a sufficient internet connection.
  • An e-mail account for Course Tutor contact and support.

Is there someone I can contact if I'm struggling to understand a topic?

Yes, once you are enrolled on an e-Learning PLC/SCADA Programming course, you will be assigned a Course Tutor, who will be available to help on any topic or assignment that you don’t understand completely. They will work with you throughout the training to make sure that you achieve the most from our courses. You can contact your Course Tutor through your MyScantime account or via e-mail which will be provided during the start of your course. Our Course Tutors have up to 45 years of experience in key industries worldwide and are directed by our Head Course Tutor, Dave, who is also working in our Automation Design Dept. that is currently working on projects in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Aerospace and other industries.

How often do you run your Hands-on EAL PLC Industrial Maintenance & Fault Finding Professional courses?

Due to demand, we are currently running these courses weekly at our Training Centre, which is why we recommend booking training at least a month in advance to ensure you can get a seat on the course.

Do I recieve certification on a Hands-on EAL PLC Industrial Maintenance & Fault Finding Professional courses?

Yes, with each EAL PLC IMFFP training course, you will recieve 3 certificates. The first certificate will be an EAL Certificate of Achievement and the other two certificates will be a Scantime Certificate of Completion for each Module (1&2).

Are there any assessments on a Hands-on EAL PLC Industrial Maintenance & Fault Finding Professional course?

Yes, there is an assessment upon completion of each day, this assessment is to ensure that you have a full understanding of what has been taught. If you have any incorrect answers on the assessment, a Course Tutor will highlight these and work with you privately to help you understand your mistakes.

Can I attend for 4 days instead of a 5-day Hands-on EAL PLC Industrial Maintenance & Fault Finding Professional course?

Yes, if you attend the 4 days of training, you will be required to attend evening classes which run for approximately 1 hour each night, this is to ensure we cover all topics on the Friday session.

What do I get on a Hands-on EAL PLC Industrial Maintenance & Fault Finding Professional courses?

Every student is given their own Training Station to work on throughout the week, this Training Station is equipped with a Laptop, PLC Programming Software and a SCADA System. You will also be given a Logbook for each day which you will complete throughout the training course, this can then be taken home with yourself upon completion of the training course for future reference along with PDF copies of the course manuals.

Are meals provided on a Hands-on EAL PLC Industrial Maintenance & Fault Finding Professional courses?

Yes, at Scantime, we have an onsite Cafe that provides hot meals throughout the week which is free-of-charge to yourself, you will also be able to help yourself to soft-drinks, tea's and coffee's.