City & Guilds Assured Siemens Industrial Maintenance & Fault Finding Pro (IMFFP®) 3 Training Course


Take the next step in Automation with our City & Guilds Assured Siemens PLC Industrial Maintenance & Fault Finding Pro 3. 

Our PLC IMFFP® 3 is now recognised as a City & Guilds Assured training course, making it the first City & Guilds Assured PLC training programme, worldwide!

Being a City & Guilds Assured Training Centre provides validation and recognition for both ourselves and you, it’s a symbol of learning excellence and quality and is reassurance that the training you have undertaken meets best practice standards in today’s industries.

Following the success of our EAL Siemens PLC Industrial Maintenance & Fault Finding Pro (IMFFP®) 1&2, we've spent countless hours developing the next level of training to help further your experience in working in industry focussed on working with Fieldbus Networking, HMI Programming, Drives and advanced PLC techniques.

Experience Required: 

To attend our IMFFP® 3 training course, you must have completed our EAL Siemens PLC IMFFP® 1&2.

Duration and Times

4.5 Days

09.00 – 17.00 (Monday - Thursday)

09.00 - 13.00 (Friday)

What You'll Learn

Our IMFFP® training course is for anyone who has completed our EAL PLC IMFFP 1&2 and for those who will be working with PLCs, Open Networks such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET and ASI as well as HMIs on the shop-floor while being able to fault find, make modifications and maintain the existing systems and networks.

During our IMFFP® training course, you'll have access to a programming laptop which will include Siemens TIA Portal & STEP7 Professional, a Live Siemens PLC, Remote IO Stations and a Siemens SIMATIC HMI.

At the end of the IMFFP® training course, you are expected to understand and be able to work with PROFIBUS and PROFINET Networks in industrial environments communicating between PLCs and HMIs while also being able to make modifications and maintain existing HMI systems.

Day 1 Topics

  • How to Work with PLC Memory Cards
  • PLC Memory Card Programming Procedures
  • The Dangers of Incorrect Memory Card Handling
  • Working with PLC Retentive Memory
  • HMI Programming and Modifications
  • HMI Hardware and Communications
  • HMI Setup and Configuration
  • Backing-up and Restoring HMIs
  • Creating an HMI Project
  • Working with HMI Templates
  • Making Modifications to an Existing HMI Project
  • Using HMI Tags
  • HMI Tag Poling
  • Screens, Navigation and Object Programming
  • IO Fields and Bar Graphs
  • Creating and Modifying Trends
  • Alarms, Classes and Buffers
  • Adding Alarms into a PLC Project to Display on an HMI

Day 2 Topics

  • Setting-up HMI Security
  • Users Administration and Adding New Users to an HMI
  • HMI Management
  • Industrial Networks and how they work with Equipment
  • Network Cabling
  • Terminators
  • Configuring a PROFINET Network with PLC and Other Equipment Devices
  • Network Diagnostics
  • Working with Process Data on a PLC Network
  • Data Transfer PLC to PLC, IO and DATA
  • Connection Parameters
  • Process Data Logging with PLC & HMI
  • Types of Data Logging
  • Building a PROFINET Network with Several PLCs and HMIs

Day 3 Topics

  • Profibus Networks
  • Addressing and Cabling
  • Profibus Cabling Rules
  • Profibus Class 1 Master
  • Profibus Class 2 Master
  • Distributed IO
  • Segments & Repeaters
  • The ET200S Hardware, Assembly and Wiring
  • Configuring a Profibus Network
  • Remote IO Addressing
  • Fault Finding on a Network
  • Introduction to STL Programming
  • Cable Faults, Open and Short Circuits
  • Slave Hardware Faults
  • Using CPU Diagnostics
  • Diagnostic Interrupts
  • Using Special OBs to Detect Faults

Day 4 Topics

  • Remote Laptop Monitoring on Profibus
  • How to Communicate to PLC Masters across several Networks
  • Using Siemens DP/DP Couplers
  • Addressing Rules
  • Setting up several Networks and Controlling Signalling between Shop-floor Processes
  • Introduction to Drives
  • Types of Drives
  • Drive Controls, Digital and Analogue
  • Adding a Drive to a Profibus Network
  • Drive control via Networks
  • Safety Control

Day 5

  • Assessment and Course Review Period

Certification & Digital Credential

This training course includes examination periods throughout each day of training. We will also be including additional training time should anyone request further explanation of any topics covered.

Upon completion of our City & Guilds Assured IMFFP® course you will receive an Official City & Guilds Assured Training Certificate and Digital Credential, this is proof that the learner has successfully completed a recognised training course at a Recognised Training Centre and has passed all of the assessments for the training course.

Digital credentials allow you to communicate your skills to others online within seconds. We do this by using the Open Badge Standard powered by Credly, the world's most connected credentialing network.

Upon completion of our PLC Industrial Maintenance & Fault Finding Pro 3 course, you will receive a Scantime Digital Credential, Assured by City & Guilds, this allows you to display your learning achievement and IMFFP 3 certification online in a secure and verified way.

COVID-19 Policy

Training at Scantime has been changed to protect our Staff and Learners due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our staff have been trained in new procedures when delivering Training at our Centre and when delivering Training Onsite.

To view what changes have been made, click here.

Location & Hotels

Training Centre Information

When arriving at our Training Centre, please sign in at the reception desk and then proceed to the onsite restaurant where you can order food and drink, please mention Scantime Training at the till for the order to be added to our account.

A member of staff will then be along shortly after to collect you for your induction.

Hotel Information

There are several hotels near to Scantime, all are within 15 minutes walking distance from our training centre. We highly recommend staying at the Holiday Inn Express which is located 0.9 miles from our training centre and is also situated opposite restaurants and within walking distance to the Metro Centre shopping and entertainment complex, alternatively, we also recommend the Premier Inn which is located 1.3 miles from our training centre.

Holiday Inn Express

Metro Centre
Clasper Way
Newcastle Upon Tyne,
NE16 3BE

Click here.

Premier Inn

Metro Centre
Derwenthaugh Rd
Newcastle Upon Tyne,
NE16 3BL

Click here.

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