EAL Programmable Logic Controllers Level 3 | Training Course

EAL Programmable Logic Controllers Level 3


IMPORTANT: EAL PLC Level 3 is only an introductory course to PLCs and states that at the end of this course, you will NOT be qualified to work on industrial processes with PLCs, as this course is only for a basic understanding of PLCs and how they work. If you are looking to work on the shop-floor with Live PLCs on operating processes, you will be required to complete the new Scantime & EAL PLC Industrial Maintenance & Fault Finding Professional which teaches you how to work on industrial processes and live PLC systems.

Experience Required: 

No previous experience or knowledge is required before attending EAL PLC Level 3 course however, an understanding of electrical principles is useful.

Learning Outcomes: 

At the end of the course, you are expected to understand the hardware and software concepts of the PLC and their applications in the control of manufacturing and other processes.

The typical EAL PLC Level 3 course usually covers several of the main manufacturers, including Allen BradleySiemens and Mitsubishi, which are the most popular brands currently in use within the UK but this can be customised to what you prefer.

Course Assessments & Certification: 

EAL PLC Level 3 accreditation is offered with this course. To achieve certification, candidates must be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the internal architecture of PLCs, their applications & knowledge of the number systems they use.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of typical input & output devices used with PLCs, their selection & how they are Interfaced to the PLC.
  • Investigate & display an understanding of the basic programming techniques used with PLCs.
  • Produce a correctly developed program for a PLC to control a specified process & document the completed program to a satisfactory standard.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to monitor PLC operation, force devices & fault find PLC controlled processes.

Who is this Course For? 

The EAL Programmable Logic Controllers Level 3 course is designed for learners new to PLC’s.


10 Days


75 Guided Learning Hours

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