Siemens S7 & TIA Portal Programming Series

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  • Access to a Live Siemens S7-1200 PLC Training Station,
  • Access to Siemens TIA Portal,
  • Offline Course Manuals,
  • eLP2 (eLearning Platform 2), our newest virtual learning environment,
  • Universal Access (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone),
  • Industrial Recognised Certification,
  • Interactive Exercises,
  • Automated Marking and Reporting,
  • Course Tutor Assistance.

Recognised Training:

By enrolling with us, you will be joining individuals, worldwide and engineers from companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota, Royal Mail, British Engines, Pepsi and many more. Our courses are recongised by industry and are seen as flexible solutions to learning how to work with PLCs professionally to an industrial degree.

Experience Required: 

No previous experience or knowledge is required before completing this course however, we recommend completing our PLC Programming Series to ensure that you have a full-understanding of industrial programming.

Main Objectives: 

To ensure you are able to understand the basics of Siemens S7 PLCs such as its hardware, wiring and programming components as well as being able to create your own PLC Programs using Siemens Organisational Blocks, Functions, Function Blocks and Data Blocks.

The Siemens TIA Portal Programming Series provides you with an understanding of Siemens S7 PLCs and the TIA Portal programming software including the background of the Siemens PLC, how and where they are used in today’s industry as well as setup and programming techniques. You will also gain an understanding of Siemens S7-1200 PLCs and TIA Portal programming software including advanced programming techniques using functions, function blocks, data blocks and how to apply them in programming.

This course is primarily for people who will be working with Siemens PLCs but also may be found useful to anyone interested in Siemens PLCs.

Throughout the course, you’ll have access to TIA Portal and a Live Siemens S7-1200 PLC Training Station, where you will be able to download, monitor and test your projects, this is to ensure that you fully understand how to work with the software as well as being able to demonstrate how to design routines and programs in the TIA Portal environment.

Learning Outcomes: 

At the end of the course, you are expected to have a detailed understanding of the Siemens S7 PLC and TIA Portal, as well as being able to use Organisation Blocks, Functions, Function Block and Data Blocks.

Course Assessments & Certification: 

This training course includes theoretical and practical assessments for you to complete and send to your Course Tutor, there are 2 training certificates for this course:

One x Official Scantime Training Certificate for each module, outlining all of the subjects covered, this is for the industry as proof on what the learner has understood for when working in industrial environments, these certificates are recognised by companies in industry, worldwide.


Access to TIA Portal Programming Software

Access Siemens TIA Portal programming software, free with Remote Access and use our easy 'how-to' guides to create your very own industrial routines and programs in the Siemens environment.

Interactive Exercises and Decision-making Activities

Interactive exercises allow you to engage further with the e-learning courses, making your learning more 'hands-on'.

Test Your Knowledge at Any Time

Test your knowledge of what you've been taught by completing assessments packed with interactive questions.

Automated Marking and In-Depth Reports

Receive your results as soon as you've completed your assessments. You'll also be able to review your answers, retry the assessment and print your results into an in-depth report that highlights your strengths and weaknesses in your skill set to help you improve.

Free-roaming Navigation and Advanced Search

Free-roaming navigation gives you the flexibility to access any topic at any time. You can also use the 'Search' function to easily look-up any keywords and phrases used throughout the course.


What will you learn on Siemens TIA Portal Programming Module 1?

  • What are Siemens PLCs?
  • The background to the Siemens PLC range
  • Understanding the Siemens CPU
  • Understanding the Siemens PLC Assembly
  • Understanding how to wire a Siemens PLC
  • Understanding Siemens Addressing
  • Understanding how to creating a New Project
  • Understanding how to design basic programming routines with TIA Portal
  • Understanding Siemens Ethernet Communications
  • How to download your Programs to a S7 PLC from TIA Portal
  • Understanding how to use the Live Siemens S7-1200 PLC and TIA Portal
  • How to Archive & Retrieve Simatic Projects
  • Understanding IEC 61131-3 Timers
  • Understanding how to use TON Timers
  • Understanding how to use TOF Timers
  • Understanding how to use TP Timers
  • Understanding how to use TONR Timers
  • Understanding IEC 61131-3 Counters
  • Understanding how to use CTU Counters
  • Understanding how to use CTD Counters
  • Understanding how to use CTUD Counters
  • Understanding how to use One Shot Pulse instructions
  • Understanding how to use Comparators
  • Understanding how to use Set and Reset
  • How to set up and use Retentive Memory
  • How to set up and use Clock Memory
  • How to set up and use System Memory

What will you learn on Siemens TIA Portal Programming Module 2?

  • Understanding Shared Data Blocks and how to use them inside of programs
  • Understanding Instance Data Blocks and how to use them alongside Function Blocks
  • Understanding how to design and use Function Blocks
  • Understanding how to design and use Functions
  • Understanding how to design and use Watch Tables
  • Understanding how to Verify program backups are correct
  • Understanding how to Upload programs from the S7 PLC
  • Understanding how to use Cross-references and its benefits

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