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At Scantime, we use our extensive experience of working in industry, troubleshooting and designing Automation systems to allow us to provide training to you at the highest standard, but don't take our word, have a look at what our trainees say.

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No improvements needed. Training course was good and interested throughout.

Shaun Barley

This was an excellent training course, well present by very approachable and knowledgeable tutors. I thoroughly enjoyed the 5 days of training and would highly recommend the course to any maintenance engineers working in industry with automated processes. I hope to attend further courses in the future.

Alistair Wilkie (BMW/Mini)

Everyone I have talked to that took the class had nothing but great things to say about it. Everyone enjoyed it from start to finish. I believe they would take the other 2 modules in the Keyence PLC training that Scantime offers in a heartbeat. You guys are very professional and knowledgeable about the product you are teaching about. I will definitely call Scantime in the future for more training opportunities. You guys are the best!

David D. (Toyota)

Excellent course, couldn't fault it anywhere. Presentation was the best i have recieved on an external course. Thank you.

Kenneth Banks (Pepsi)

The course was clear in its objectives and delivered what I expected. Well put together and presented in a clear, easy to understand manner.

Bryn Jones

A very well structured and expertly delivered course. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their level of PLC understanding.

Lukasz Hallman (Johnson Matthey)

An excellent, well delivered course. I would recommend to anyone new to PLCs.

Neil Bradley

Training course delivered by a knowledgeable trainer who delivered the course very well. Liked how there was not a large amount of learners on course meaning it could be more personal.

Luke H. (Aeropak)

The course material + delivery was excellent and I will recommend Scantime for future PLC training.

Anthony Rutherford (Pepsi)

Excellent course. Very informative for all level. Would highly recommend.

Liam Hepple (Pepsi)

Very good structure. All items were ready and accessible from the start. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Anthony Owens (Pepsi)

The training that was provided by Scantime was needed due to the new PLCs being implemented inside our facility on new equipment. We had no knowledge of the Keyence PLC platform and/or how to read the logic. Dave was not only professional but he was very knowledgeable on the topic and after the training, I felt comfortable about our Maintenance Technicians troubleshooting using the PLC programming as well as writing any new basic logic to the processor. Dave was a joy to have during his stay at Toyota Jackson, TN and his experience from the floor level was great in that he knew how to lecture in a way that we, as floor technicians, understand and could apply. Our facility is also working on getting further PLC training through Scantime via E-Learning, for our Technicians that feel less than comfortable about their skill level. I would highly recommend Scantime for future training on PLCs and encourage our other facilities in the Toyota network to also consider them.

Daniel E. (Toyota)

Learned a lot over the 4 days and would recommend this training to anyone interested in learning more on PLC's

Neil McIntyre

Very happy with the course. Instructor very knowledgable in his field.

Michael R. (Cameron Brewery)

I have found the course really helpful. The trainers were really knowledgable. I hope to be back for further courses.

Very experience, knowledgable and practical. Would recommend.

Jeff Dodds

Highly recommend for anyone working with PLC's, very informative.

James Murray (Rowan Drilling)

This course gave me an informative look into the world of PLC's. Having never used or worked with them previously it has demystified the process somewhat.

Kristoffer Gibson

Great course for whoever wants to start learning PLC programming and diagnostic procedures. Times, tutors and venue were excellent.

Charlo Seychell

Excellent course, well recommended. Clear and well presented course content.

Adrian C. Impey

The training course is very informative, clear technical and practical information on PLC training for Maintenance Engineers.

Michael H. (Johnson Matthey)

Really enjoyed my course will Scantime - Siemens Maintenance & Fault Finding. Chris and the team have done a great job on developing a comprehensive training course. The new skills I have learned will work great with my existing mechanical engineering qualifications and background.

Dean Penny

Brilliant training. Well presented and informative. Excellent content all of which is a massive help to me in my place of work. Cheers Dave.

Matthew Carey (Kemira Chemicals)

Great course, these guys know what they're talking about and how to teach it well. Learnt a lot in 4 days, great start to PLCs, will sign up for more cheers!

I have been using Scantime Engineering for several years now. We have always found their plc training to be very informative and cost effective. The training was always tailored to suit our requirement.

I attended a Step 7 Course in June. I had minimal experience working with STEP 7 previously to this. The course was very informative, as well as a better general knowledge of programming I left with a greater confidence in my ability to interrogating PLC code. I have since, been able to use this knowledge to maintain and fault find plc equipment in the field.

Dave put together a course covering our specific requirements in a structured methodical style. The material was presented in a relaxed, timely way and Dave has an approachable manner and gets the material across really well. He has followed up on several issues and concerns that we raised on the day, coming back with ideas and he is genuinely interested in our programs and helpful on other issues we have raised with him.

Scantime have been involved in training our Maintenance staff for a number of years now. They have helped improve and maintain the skill-set that is critical for working with processes such as ours. Not only do Scantime provide their ‘off-the-shelf’ courses, such as their Maintenance & Fault Finding but we have also had tailored courses designed for us which take our Maintenance Personnel out of the classroom and gets them onto the shop-floor and working with the live PLCs on our systems, especially on our new high speed machines. From these various courses we now have Maintenance staff being more confident and capable in working and fault finding on our PLCs. The Electronic Interactive Manuals have been really helpful for people going online. Knowing that the Training we are getting is to shortly be EAL accredited demonstrates the high level of good Training you give us. I highly recommended you to any company or individual.

I have enjoyed my course, really interesting and useful course; I would recommend this training course.

Aritz Zabala

Very informative as starting level for PLC training. Provides base for enhancing PLC knowledge.

Allan Bruce

A great place to start and build a solid foundation in PLC understanding. Learning not just the techniques but the correct approach to hardware and software set up.

Martin Thompson

The information was given at a rate we could ingest it. The practical parts of the course allowed us to get a better feel of the equipment and programs.

Neil Robinson

Recommend this entry level training for anyone wanting basic understanding of PLC Programming, Fault Finding etc.

Thomas Smith

I arrived here with virtually no understanding of ladder logic. I can now read a ladder diagram, understand it, fault find from it and write basic programs with RSLogix 500.

Paul Garrigan

Very pleased with the number of students in the class. Got a lot of attention and tutoring, almost one to one. Chris was very clear and explained things well. Dave had lots of interesting stories from extensive past experiences. Food was great everyday. Very friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Would definitely return.

Adam Viney

Can I just say how much I enjoyed the course it was a great balance of theory and practical, Dave’s teaching approach really kept it interesting even when the brain was becoming a little frazzled. Thank you to yourself and Kevin for the additional practical sessions. I have been on many courses but this is one of the best I’ve attended so thank you for suggesting it to me.

David Swatton

I'd suggest maybe a ten minute coffee break around 10.30am, however no other improvements, excellent course.

Eddie Lane

All was good. A small tea break before lunch would be nice.

Kate Dewey

Well delivered courses, good facilities, would highly recommend

Michael John