Today, we’re going to be taking a look at Mitsubishi PLCs and GxWorks 2, we’ll check out how to create a project, set up communications, write a basic program including Contacts, Coils and Timers, compile and then download and test the program on a live Mitsubishi Fx2N PLC!



02:15 – New Project
04:20 – Structured Project
05:50 – Communications
08:45 – Global Label Settings
10:30 – IEC I/O Addressing
12:00 – CSV File
13:30 – Latch Routine (Program)
18:30 – Timers
21:45 – Local Label Settings
24:00 – Adding a variable to ET (Local Label)
26:00 – Compiling a Project
27:00 – Download to PLC
29:35 – Testing and eMonitoring Program


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