Today we’re going to have a look at an Introduction to Profibus DP, Siemens Remote IO and Fault Finding on a Network using Diagnostics. We’re going to show you how to setup a Profibus DP Network inside of STEP7 Professional, add a Siemens Remote IO Station, Change Addressing, Create Faults on the Network and then Diagnose though faults using Siemens Diagnostics.



02:00 – In-Depth look at Profibus I/O Station
07:45 – Create New Project
08:25 – Hardware Configuration
11:05 – MPI Interface
12:35 – Clock Memeory
14:10 – Pulse Routine #1
15:55 – Setting up Profibus DP Network
18:55 – Remote I/O Station
22:06 – I/O Addressing
25:40 – Pulse Routine #2
27:45 – Hardware Diagnostics


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