In our first Scantime Live episode, you will learn how to create a new project with Siemens TIA Portal including setting up Hardware Configuration, writing a small Ladder routine using Contacts, Coils, Timers and Counters, Downloading to a Siemens S7-1200 PLC and testing your project via Watch Tables.


01:00 – Creating a new project
02:25 – Configure a new device
04:00 – Detect the configuration of connected device
04:50 – Checking IP address
07:20 – CPU configuration (Properties)
08:20 – Program Blocks (OB1)
09:35 – Control Latch routine
11:55 – How to rename a tag
11:35 – Siemens Timers
14:05 – TON (Timer On Delay)
18:00 – Count Up (Counter)
20:45 – Download Program to PLC
22:20 – Making changes to program
23:10 – Watch Tables
24:50 – Monitor the Program
27:06 – Retain Counter value

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