PLC & SCADA Training Reviews

At Scantime, we use our extensive experience of working in industry, troubleshooting and designing Automation systems to allow us to provide training to you at the highest standard, but don't take our word, have a look at what our clients say.

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A great introduction to S7-300 and PLC standards/safety.

Alan B. (EDF Energy)

Good to have more practical examples with a range of inputs and outputs.

Robert C. (EDF Energy)

New PLC's, I found this course very informative. Would definitely recommend it. Will be looking to complete the TIA + HMI module.

Chris T. (EDF Energy)

Very useful course, enabling us to work on our PLC systems with a trained eye relating to monitoring, backups, verifying etc.

Michael S. (EDF Energy)

Excellent. Instructor got his points across very well. Can now hopefully put into practice what I have learnt, back in the workplace. Thank you.

Phil D. (Kingspan)

Very good training all round.

Mark R. (Kingspan)

Topics explained very well. All questions answered. Trainer/Dave very knowledgeable.

Mark D. (Oceaneering)

Dave was very helpful, great level of information and presented very well.

Callum S. (Oceaneering)

Good knowledge and well executed.

Chris M. (Oceaneering)

Excellent course, well taught and delivered. Extremely informative and well related to real life shop floor procedures.

Elliot V. (Haigh)

Chris is very knowledgeable and if there was any questions I was confident I would get an answer swiftly.

John G. (Evolution BPS)

This course has been exactly what I was look for so that I can better understand STEP7 and PLC's, I now feel confident in working with PLC's and fault finding using STEP7. Will highly recommend to my colleagues.

This was my first exposure to working with PLCs and by the end of the course I am now confident in working with them. All the staff were very friendly and Chris is extremely knowledgable about the subject. The resources provided are extensive and I enjoyed the programming exercises, they really helped my understanding. Thanks!

David Southwood

Instructor had plentiful experience of using the equipment in industry. Was able to use past experiences as a tool during training to expand upon course content.

Very knowledgable instructor. Plenty of hands on training to understand the software better. Highly recommended.

Brilliant Course. Dave is excellent and very very knowledgable.

Excellent course, good building block.

Great course which will help in current and future employment. Instructors have a wealth of knowledge which is passed on with ease.

Luke D. (Paccor)

Both trainers full of knowledge and can explain in Lehmanns terms. Fault finding training exceptional.

Jamie N. (Paccor)

Excellent course, both trainers very knowledge and take time out to explain certain subjects to you to make sure you fully understand.

Peter R. (Paccor)

Very impressed with this course.

Kevin W. (Paccor)

Fantastic course, well explained, instructions very clear & delivery very good. Great tutors!

David D. (Paccor)

I found the course was very structured, so everything led into the next step correctly without confusion. I have been on other courses where the chapters were not done in order, which made things confusing. This course was much better in comparison.

Michael O'Connor

Training provided in a professional manner by a very knowledgable member of staff.

Very enjoyable and interesting. Good to know that I can look at PLC software and understand it. Looking forward to the next course.

Well delivered course with friendly trainer who managed to de-mistify how to actually program PLCs.

Great course for people learn and have an understanding of PLC's.

Very well delivered.

I'm 54 and completed loads of courses over the years. This was genuinely one of the best - Met all of the criteria and look forward to the next stage. Will help my team no-end.

Fantastic presentation. David made the course very easy to understand and the interactive learning was very interesting and beneficial.

Very thorough, professional and well taught. Dave is clearly passionate about what he does. 5*

On field training needed now. (Next level)

Thanks a lot, it was a useful course for me and I got a lot of info about PLCs which is improving my level, I would recommend this training centre to my colleagues.

Ahmed Alghamdi

I have enjoyed the course and have come away with valuable information. I found all the staff pleasant and helpful.

Michael Hastie

Intuitive course with industry experienced tutor provided good insight into PLCs.

Adam R. (EDF Energy)

Very informative and kept a good pace, slowed down when any questions were asked and answered them fully and detailed. Will assist in any fault finding applications. For a course delivered on our own company premises, the amount of hardware brought enabled us to conduct useful training with "real-life" scenarios.

Alex M. (EDF Energy)

A great course, well structured and delivered. The instructor has a wealth of knowledge which he is willing to share openly. Very much worth the time to complete this course with Scantime.

Adrian C. (EDF Energy)

Excellent subject material and OPEX from industry regarding the best and worst practices.

David L. (EDF Energy)

Course was well delivered and as an inexperienced person on PLCs with mechanical background, this was a great introduction and I feel I've developed a good understanding to transfer to a real environment.

Craig S. (Rayovac)

Found instructors to be friendly/knowledgable. Good mix of theory/practical. Facilities are excellent. Could not fault the course in anyway, highly recommended.

Steve R. (Rayovac)

This was a very well delivered course by a tutor who is extremely knowledgeable. It is clear the tutor has worked extensively in industry at a very high level. His real life examples made it easy to relate. I would highly recommend this training to other Maintenance Engineers.

Great informative course with good teachers.

Ryan Purkiss  

A very good course.

John Heward  

Out of the 5 companies I looked into for PLC training, Scantime have been the most professional and helpful, offering training on the largest range of equipment and with an official certificate.

Excellent course, i'm from a mechanical background and the course made understanding basic PLC fault finding easy!

In-depth practical hands-on with PLC was taught on this course.

David A.

I'm pleased with the level of training I have received, applicable to my work environment and I would highly recommend to colleagues.

William Cheyne

A working technician/engineer's course, without a doubt, provided to a high standard - I left feeling I now had an excellent grounding in PLC maintenance and understanding of programming.

Robert Bain

Highly recommend Scantime to deliver the Siemens course that we attended. Included all information required to aide fault finding and rectification on the shop floor to help reduce our downtime. Scantime emulator was a fantastic tool also.

Kieran D. (Cranswick Foods)

Staff were friendly, knowledgable and answered all questions. Really enjoyed it and learnt a lot of new things on the subject.

Came in with little experience of PLC's, was no problem for instructors to take time explaining things - Left with a greater understanding.

A brilliant course, which was delivered well by an instructor who obviously knows his subjects and is 'current' on latest systems. As a result, I will be in touch for further training in the near future for myself and my team. Scantime sets the standard!

I found the course was ran very professionally and kept me engaged. I learnt new content every day without being overwhelmed, all of my questions were answered and I felt comfortable asking. I really enjoyed this course and would recommend it.

I found this course to be extremely informative. The instruction was clear and the materials provided were more than enough to keep up with information provided. Any and all questions were answered with ease. I feel I have new knowledge. Great course. Lunch was great too!!!

Excellent course which will help me with PLCs. Best training course i've had while employed at Hargreaves.

Great course. Broken down and made easy to understand. Would highly recommend.

This course has given me the basic knowledge for PLC's and I feel all engineers working with PLC's would benefit from this course. At no time did I feel I didn't understand the course and the information was delivered clearly and if there were things that needed to be explained, they were explained clearly and thoroughly. Chris was excellent at his delivery on the course topics and shows his comfort in his level of knowledge.

Alex Hagen

The training was very organised and covered every aspect of the PLC, the trainer is very knowledgable and informative and delivered the course effectively, in 5 days, I took a lot of information from the course, I learned programming practices that will help in PLC's in general, not only S7.

Mezani B. (U.S. Embassy)

Chris explained everything clearly and allowed plenty of practical time. Whatever your level of PLC experience, Scantime has the resources and expertise to guide you through realistic scenarios. Highly recommend and I look forward to furth training opportunities with these guys.

Neil Blackwell

Excellent setup. Very knowledgable trainer. Learnt a lot over the 4 days. Great course delivery.

S. Sedgwick (Caterpillar)

Surprised at how much I learnt, trainers were very good and helpful.

N. Wells (Caterpillar)

Excellent course. The content is delivered very well by Chris and Dave, who are extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced in their subjects. Very enjoyable course, would recommend.

S. Graham (Caterpillar)

Great course, would happily come back for more training. Thank you.

D. Winspear (Caterpillar)

Superb facilities with even better training instructor. Course content delivered in a simple, relaxed manner. Anything not understood is explained again without making the candidate uncomfortable. Very good weeks training. Food's not bad either.

For someone with no PLC experience I will go away with a good understanding of PLCs to take away and use at work. Chris was happy to spend time on things I never understood.

I have enjoyed the course, the contents were ideal for our companies needs. Enjoyed that we could relate to the course notes to real world examples of Scantime's own experience with PLCs.

Enjoyed the course all week. Coming from a PLC background with no Siemens experience, I found it relatively easy to pick up.

Joseph McNally

An informative introduction to PLC Maintenance and Programming. Would definitely use Scantime again for further training.

Paul Forester

I came with lots of questions, and this course answered all of them.

Michael McGregor

Excellent course-ware, structured notes to apply your knowledge. Thanks.

Luigino Gori

I was told by a friend who did this training online, but i decided to come down to Newcastle to do mine. All he kept saying to me is: He never regrets the training he had from Scantime. I will be back fro more other trainings. Great job Scantime.

Mark Adaka

The course was excellent. I will come back.

Robinson Saez

The training course was informative and even though I feel quite experienced with Gx Developer/Works 2 and Mitsubishi PLC's, I have gained a lot of new knowledge this week. Would recommend to others.

Josh Lay (Unipres UK)

I started this course with very little knowledge of PLC's. The knowledge I have gained this week has given me confidence to use PLC's. Very good course.

Neil Derbyshire (Unipres UK)

The training course was informatice and very useful, and would recommend to others.

Steve Defty (Unipres UK) 

Excellent course - Would highly recommend to anyone. Dave and Chris deliver the course really well, cheers guys!

Sam Mearns (Unipres UK) 

Very good course. Excellent teachers, would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to understand PLC.

Richard Scott (Unipres UK) 

Well presented and delivered course. Would highly recommend.

Chris Neale

Very informative - It opens your eyes to good and bad practices and means of progressing our jobs.

Kotikeni Charles

Good course, very informative, would recommend.

Conor Reid (Unipres UK) 

Good informative course.

Josh Craigs (Unipres UK) 

Very informative course. Would recommend it to anyone.

Dan Patterson (Unipres UK) 

Course was very informative and easy to understand. Material was very useful to learning about PLC's generally.

Westley Jones (Unipres UK) 

This course is a must for anyone working with PLC's. Highly recommended for all, great course and tutor.

Mark Days (Unipres UK) 

Everything was great! Really enjoyed the course. I would say to get rid of the light directly above the TV... But that's just me! Thank you!

Liam O'Reilly (Taylormade Timber)

Great course, broken down very well and made easy to learn. Started week knowing very little, finished knowing a lot.

Matthew Bailey (Haworth Scouring)

A good depth of knowledge, taught in a very proficient way, with good reference material to go away with.

Michael Roffe (Molecular Products)

As a guy that has came from an IT background, this course is excellent in helping you understand the content. Tutots are also brilliant and gave help when needed. Definitely be recommending this to others back at work.

Phil Lennox (Michelin Tyres)

I attended one of your courses nearly 2 years ago now and I found it useful and in fact landed a job in automation about 2 weeks after attending the course! All be it more at a middle management level rather than hands on PLC but there's no doubt it aided me in getting the interview.

Neil McIntyre

Good trainer knowledge, helps with our individual concerns.

Leslie Georgeson (Unipres UK) 

Excellent training course, very good instructors who know their stuff.

Mick Percival (Unipres UK) 

Excellent course! Clear, concise and engaging.

Steve Bannister (Unipres UK) 

Training received was of a very high standard. It was delivered with great enthusiasm and the tutor made it also very engaging and enjoyable. The tutor was also very knowledgable with regards to the course content.

Tom Green (Unipres UK) 

Excellent training course. Chris is an extremely knowledgable trainer. It was set at the correct level for people who have knowledge of PLC's and the beginner. Would highly recommend it.

Ian Holt (Unipres UK)