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At Scantime, we use our extensive experience of working in industry, troubleshooting and designing Automation systems to allow us to provide training to you at the highest standard, but don't take our word, have a look at what some of our clients say. Below are a selection of reviews from our clients who we have delivered training to and what they have to say about their experience.

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Scantime have been involved in training our Maintenance staff for a number of years now. They have helped improve and maintain the skill-set that is critical for working with processes such as ours. Not only do Scantime provide their ‘off-the-shelf’ courses, such as their Maintenance & Fault Finding but we have also had tailored courses designed for us which take our Maintenance Personnel out of the classroom and gets them onto the shop-floor and working with the live PLCs on our systems, especially on our new high speed machines. From these various courses we now have Maintenance staff being more confident and capable in working and fault finding on our PLCs. The Electronic Interactive Manuals have been really helpful for people going online. Knowing that the Training we are getting is to shortly be EAL accredited demonstrates the high level of good Training you give us. I highly recommended you to any company or individual.

Marc P. (Jaguar Land Rover)

Everyone I have talked to that took the class had nothing but great things to say about it. Everyone enjoyed it from start to finish. I believe they would take the other 2 modules in the Keyence PLC training that Scantime offers in a heartbeat. You guys are very professional and knowledgeable about the product you are teaching about. I will definitely call Scantime in the future for more training opportunities. You guys are the best!

David D. (Toyota)


The training delivered was relevant to the actual work place environment which was the main requirement I was interested in.

Phil W.

Dave put together a course covering our specific requirements in a structured methodical style. The material was presented in a relaxed, timely way and Dave has an approachable manner and gets the material across really well. He has followed up on several issues and concerns that we raised on the day, coming back with ideas and he is genuinely interested in our programs and helpful on other issues we have raised with him.

Dave S. (Jaguar Land Rover)

The training that was provided by Scantime was needed due to the new PLCs being implemented inside our facility on new equipment. We had no knowledge of the Keyence PLC platform and/or how to read the logic. Dave was not only professional but he was very knowledgeable on the topic and after the training, I felt comfortable about our Maintenance Technicians troubleshooting using the PLC programming as well as writing any new basic logic to the processor. Dave was a joy to have during his stay at Toyota Jackson, TN and his experience from the floor level was great in that he knew how to lecture in a way that we, as floor technicians, understand and could apply. Our facility is also working on getting further PLC training through Scantime via E-Learning, for our Technicians that feel less than comfortable about their skill level. I would highly recommend Scantime for future training on PLCs and encourage our other facilities in the Toyota network to also consider them.

Daniel E. (Toyota)


Having started with little knowledge of a PLC. The course gives a great way of building up knowledge with a professional tutor and real experience they have gained.

Kevin Chatten

The course provided us with a lot more than expected. It's given us a strong foundation to go forward with. We have learnt a great deal. All companies with PLC's should undertake this training.

Steve E. (Lucy Electric)

I found the course was very structured, so everything led into the next step correctly without confusion. I have been on other courses where the chapters were not done in order, which made things confusing. This course was much better in comparison.

Michael O'Connor

Scantime training was effective and rewarding, the tutors push positive enforcement of learning through practical examples and real-time results. I came out of the weeks training feeling 200% more confident with PLC's and gained the necessary skills I needed to navigate PLC systems for aiding in fault diagnostic and simple modifications. Would recommend this training again and again, Dave and Chris both know the industry well and taught exactly what was needed while relating it back to their own experiences. Fantastic, and thanks again.

Marc (Mars Chocolate UK)

This was my first exposure to working with PLCs and by the end of the course I am now confident in working with them. All the staff were very friendly and Chris is extremely knowledgable about the subject. The resources provided are extensive and I enjoyed the programming exercises, they really helped my understanding. Thanks!

David Southwood

I'm 54 and completed loads of courses over the years. This was genuinely one of the best - Met all of the criteria and look forward to the next stage. Will help my team no-end.

Darren (Transport for London)

The training was very organised and covered every aspect of the PLC, the trainer is very knowledgable and informative and delivered the course effectively, in 5 days, I took a lot of information from the course, I learned programming practices that will help in PLC's in general, not only S7.

Mezani B. (U.S. Embassy)

Excellent course. The content is delivered very well by Chris and Dave, who are extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced in their subjects. Very enjoyable course, would recommend.

S. Graham (Caterpillar)

A great course, well structured and delivered. The instructor has a wealth of knowledge which he is willing to share openly. Very much worth the time to complete this course with Scantime.

Adrian C. (EDF Energy)

Highly recommend for anyone working with PLC's, very informative.

James M. (Rowan Drilling)

Very informative and kept a good pace, slowed down when any questions were asked and answered them fully and detailed. Will assist in any fault finding applications. For a course delivered on our own company premises, the amount of hardware brought enabled us to conduct useful training with "real-life" scenarios.

Alex M. (EDF Energy)

Very good course which was well organised and Chris was helpful and friendly. His level of knowledge was impressive and he was very helpful. Would definitely recommend to others and will be back in the future. 10/10.

Brandon S. (Quantum Controls)

Very well presented! Trainer was very clear and had very good knowledge. Good pace and good content! Would highly recommend the course to any who wants an introduction to PLC's or more training on existing knowledge.

Ryan W. (Formica)

An excellent, well delivered course. I would recommend to anyone new to PLCs.

Neil Bradley

Very informative and a great insight on the basics of PLC fault finding/programming.

Kit T. (Alpla)

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