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The training that was provided by Scantime was needed due to the new PLCs being implemented inside our facility on new equipment. We had no knowledge of the Keyence PLC platform and/or how to read the logic. Dave was not only professional but he was very knowledgeable on the topic and after the training, I felt comfortable about our Maintenance Technicians troubleshooting using the PLC programming as well as writing any new basic logic to the processor. Dave was a joy to have during his stay at Toyota Jackson, TN and his experience from the floor level was great in that he knew how to lecture in a way that we, as floor technicians, understand and could apply. Our facility is also working on getting further PLC training through Scantime via E-Learning, for our Technicians that feel less than comfortable about their skill level. I would highly recommend Scantime for future training on PLCs and encourage our other facilities in the Toyota network to also consider them.

Daniel E. - Toyota

Scantime have been involved in training our Maintenance staff for a number of years now. They have helped improve and maintain the skill-set that is critical for working with processes such as ours. Not only do Scantime provide their ‘off-the-shelf’ courses, such as their Maintenance & Fault Finding but we have also had tailored courses designed for us which take our Maintenance Personnel out of the classroom and gets them onto the shop-floor and working with the live PLCs on our systems, especially on our new high speed machines. From these various courses we now have Maintenance staff being more confident and capable in working and fault finding on our PLCs. The Electronic Interactive Manuals have been really helpful for people going online. Knowing that the Training we are getting is to shortly be EAL accredited demonstrates the high level of good Training you give us. I highly recommended you to any company or individual.

Marc P. - Jaguar Land Rover

Just finished Scada 2 I can honestly say it has been the most enjoyable course I have ever done.I always thought Scada was very hard to learn and beyond me.Well it's not only thanks to the way the course is structured over a period of months and the way the tutor interact with any of the problems very professional quick and very helpful.All in all 100 % satisfied and will be doing more courses with scantime,the way they teach is really suited for me and probably for most people that are in employment.

Jimmy Vella - Facebook Review

I have just done the PLC Programming course with yourselves. Thought I would write to say how much of a help your tutor Kevin Means was, he was prompt in replying and wrote huge emails to help me with issues I had especially in Module 3. I was offshore in Africa with work and Kevin was considerate in rearranging an online test for me when the internet failed. Kevin was awesome and deserves the praise, level of service was well above what I expected for the cost of course.

Stuart Davis - Email Review

Just finished the SCADA package and found it to be excellent. Packed with practical exercises to give a good hands on experience of the principles, each of these was emailed to the tutor who gave prompt and relevant feedback based on his experience. Although I'm from a Siemens background I found that the principles of SCADA learnt from this course using Mitsubishi would give a good foundation for any other make.

Barry Graham - Facebook Review

I have just finished the PLC Programming Series (Modules 1, 2 and 3) and I am totally satisfied. The Series starts from the fundamentals of the PLC and its programming and evolves until complicated and advanced issues. The way all of these are presented is quite clear, structured and creative through many examples, exercises and videos that help the undestanding of these issues. The series is quite useful also, due to the fact that can help a person learn to program PLCs in a structured and organized way apart from just making a program that works. Finally, the help of the tutor was extremely useful as he replies quickly, giving insightful answer that help the student that is stuck. To sum up, this training is highly recommended.

Lampros Lampropoulos - Facebook Review

I've never been on an online PLC training course but my experience with Scantime has been awesome. The technical support and especially, Kevin, who was my tutor, I learned a lot, he explained in detail the topics on the course and gave pointers about the exercises. I am recommending Scantime for online PLC training.

Ronaldo Palima - Email Review

Just enrolled onto the PLC Programming Series and I have just passed PLC Programming Module 1! Can't wait to start PLC Programming Module 2.

Jim Best - Facebook Review

I have enjoyed my course, really interesting and useful course; I would recommend this training course.

Aritz Zabala - Facebook Review

Just finished Siemens level 1 & 2. Material was very relevant and covered the elementary aspects very well. Tutors responses where informative and videos where pretty good also. Only recommendation rather than a critique is I wish there was more on offer in terms of courses in particular WinCC as I haven't worked on many automated sites that do not use PLC's without HMI as part of a supervisory architecture. All in all good value for money.

Derek McColl - Facebook Review

Dave put together a course covering our specific requirements in a structured methodical style. The material was presented in a relaxed, timely way and Dave has an approachable manner and gets the material across really well. He has followed up on several issues and concerns that we raised on the day, coming back with ideas and he is genuinely interested in our programs and helpful on other issues we have raised with him.

David S. - Jaguar Land Rover

Really enjoyed my course will Scantime - Siemens Maintenance & Fault Finding. Chris and the team have done a great job on developing a comprehensive training course. The new skills I have learned will work great with my existing mechanical engineering qualifications and background.

Dean Penny - Facebook Review

I have enjoyed my courses (Modules 1-3) with Kevin and Scantime Engineering, reaching the end makes the journey look short but i have to say, i have gained a lot of insight and i'm looking forward to working with you on the next course.

Able Kaonga - Facebook Review

I attended a Step 7 Course in June. I had minimal experience working with STEP 7 previously to this. The course was very informative, as well as a better general knowledge of programming I left with a greater confidence in my ability to interrogating PLC code. I have since, been able to use this knowledge to maintain and fault find plc equipment in the field.

Darren M. - Monitor Systems Scotland Limited

I have been using Scantime Engineering for several years now. We have always found their plc training to be very informative and cost effective. The training was always tailored to suit our requirement.

Darren A. - Monitor Systems Scotland Limited

I am working my way through the PLC Programming Module 1, 2, and 3, found the material very useful and well laid out. I am currently working on my water tank project and learning as I go. Will definitely look at further training once I have completed the PLC training.

Darren Eyre - Facebook Review

Great course, these guys know what they're talking about and how to teach it well. Learnt a lot in 4 days, great start to PLCs, will sign up for more cheers!

Stephen Edge - Rugeley Power Station - Facebook Review

Learned a lot over the 4 days and would recommend this training to anyone interested in learning more on PLC's

Neil McIntyre - Facebook Review

Dear Engr. Kevin, thank you very earnestly for having such a great patience with me throughout this training. I really appreciate your effort on this as my tutor.

Christopher Godwin Ngobi - Email Review

I have been working with a junior engineer at work on a sieve unit test jig. We have used a CP1L Omron unit to control the test jig. Between us we have designed and built the panel and written the program. It has indicator lamps, buzzer, start and stop, monitors, and motor control, 3 speed tests and alarms. All this has been down to you and Scantime. We completed the jig Sunday night. Thanks.

Steve Donnison - Email Review

Thank you for the guide and support. I really appreciate your understanding. I received my certificate last week. Thank you for the training. It is nice working with you. I will get across to you again once i am through with the work i am doing now.Once again thank you for the support.

Nurudeen Olajide Osanyinpeju - Email Review

My experience with scantime has been awesome. The response time to queries and questions is very very impressive. The course content is really good, the emphasis on standard best practice to programming is commendable. I will recommend scantime for anyone interested in automation!

Samantha Miapyil Goewam - Facebook Review

Just completed SCADA Part One. Well supported throughout. A few software teething problems that they sorted quickly. Looking forward to Part Two.

Trevor Parker - Facebook Review

I have really enjoyed studying through Scantime. Let's face it, anyone can program a PLC with a bit of learning. However, Scantime will teach you the safest way to program a PLC and that's where the difference comes in.

Craig Tannous - Facebook Review

Brilliant training. Well presented and informative. Excellent content all of which is a massive help to me in my place of work. Cheers Dave.

Matty Carey, Kemira Chemicals - Facebook Review

I am between jobs and remembered that back in 2007 I had purchased on online PLC programing course from Scantime Engineering. I considered it a longshot but contacted Chris in support for access as this would be useful in expanding my career options. I am pleased to say that the response was professional and prompt, unlimited access and no time limits (even in 2016). I would strongly recommend the customer support.

Sean Fearon - Facebook Review

Great course, enjoyed what I have done so far, customer & tech support is super, very prompt and helpful. Looking forward to getting back into the course and complete very soon. Then to move on to next stage , will definitely continue with Scantime.

Glen Crowley - Facebook Review

An enjoyable course for those building up or refreshing their PLC programming skills. The courses provide a good mix of theory and practice and the tutors provide good feedback on work submitted. Overall, these courses represent excellent value for money.

Ian Horne - Facebook Review

Can I just say how much I enjoyed the course it was a great balance of theory and practical, Dave’s teaching approach really kept it interesting even when the brain was becoming a little frazzled.

Thank you to yourself and Kevin for the additional practical sessions.

I have been on many courses but this is one of the best I’ve attended so thank you for suggesting it to me.

David Swatton - Facebook Review

Great way to start your plc career.

Neil Cullis - Facebook Review

Great course, I enjoy it very much thanks for all your patience and dedication.

Marco A Cornejo - Facebook Review

Scantime Engineering is the place to be. I love it.

Christopher Ngobi - Facebook Review

Just completed Scantime PLC Module 1 course, great course and really informative. Now on to Module 2.

Graeme Robertson - Facebook Review

What a great way to sharpen your PLC and SCADA skills. It is worth taking this course for automation and control engineers.

Answer Udoinyang - Facebook Review

I am Filipino Mechanical Engineer just completed PLC 1&2. Great experience!Well programmed courses!Thank you to the staff; tutors sir Chris, sir Kevin. Till next level!Mabuhay SCANTIME!!!

Dante Salonoy - Facebook Review

Very good courses that provide you with solid foundations for programming PLC's. Seriously, I have been studying PLC in many places, but this one is the best, it explains everything in detail for the most basic to most advanced things so that you are prepared to continue your self-teaching until you become a PLC expert! :D

Alejandro Duque Carmona - Google+ Review

With Scantime I have completed online PLC Programming Module 1&2 and 121 PLC Maintenance & Fault Finding Module 1 Platform Siemens.

All exercises have been precisely well matched and head tutor was always eager to help with advice even on the subject which was not relevant to the course.

All the course subjects was perfect and all very relevant to the course and the tutor I could not have asked for anyone better on both giving up his time on being helpful and easily approached on all of the course work I did.

He has made the course so enjoyable the way he presented the course and himself it was like a breath of fresh air and I am looking forward to complete the level 3.

Rafal Pielka - Google+ Review

With Scantime you do not just learn PLC and SCADA programming, you learn about Engineering and the correct and safest way to do things. The courses are very well constructed and you can rely on the support team so, wherever you may be in the world, you never feel that you are on your own. Whether you are in work, studying or unemployed these courses will help your future career. From Maintenance to Management, Scantime courses are the solution to your Engineering needs.

Kevin Means - Google+ Review

These are career changing courses, since my recent Scantime qualifications I have applied and got the job of my dreams. At 48 years of age and an electro/mechanical engineer my work mainly consisted of welding and commisioning and installing plant, I did not want to be doing this till I retire so I found Scantime on the web and enrolled.

The quantity and quality of the courses made learning progressive and very rewarding and gave me the experience and confidence to apply and get my presant job, I am now a service engineer fault finding on PLCs thanks to Scantime

John Ireland - Google+ Review

Having used Scantime for the last couple of years, I have found that they are very professional. If one has any problems they are quick to respond with a possible solution. In this I have found this good.. I would recommed them as them as a training provider.

Mark Dodgson - Google+ Review

Before I heard of Scantime Engineering my friends and I we were creating PLC programs it works to us fine, but after completing PLC programming part one and two I finally realize that there is so much more than just creating a PLC program in term of understanding how it really works and the dangers that can be with bad PLC programming practices.

Many thanks to Scantime Engineering I am now a better PLC programmer and I am now starting PLC programming part 3.

Dennis McIntosh - Google+ Review

Scantime is high quality programming with qualified professional instructors that provide very quick detailed responses the certification from these courses will progress your career.

Headley Gibson - Google+ Review

Excellent Institute, they teach very good, everything clear, and anything you need the instructor helps you.

I RECOMMEND it very much!

Roberto Sygal - Google+ Review